Interface PageSegment

All Superinterfaces:
org.jadice.util.base.Identifiable, MetadataProvider, PermissionsProvider<PageSegment>, PropertiesProvider, Serializable

public interface PageSegment extends PropertiesProvider, MetadataProvider, PermissionsProvider<PageSegment>, org.jadice.util.base.Identifiable, Serializable
A PageSegment represents a single layer of a Page, i.e. the Page consists of a stack of PageSegments.
  • Method Details

    • getSource

      Get the PageSegmentSource describing the source of this page segment. Returns null if the page segment is not derived from a source.
      the page segment source
    • getSize

      Dimension2D getSize()
      Returns the raw size/dimensions of the PageSegment in base units.
      the PageSegment's raw size
    • getBounds

      Rectangle2D getBounds()
      Returns the raw size and position of the PageSegment in base units. Position is measured in relation to the Page's coordinate system's origin point (0,0).
      the raw size and position
    • isAuxiliary

      boolean isAuxiliary()
      Return whether this PageSegment is in some way "auxiliary". Auxiliary page segments contain additions to the main page segment, but rarely represent the main page content in their own right. Currently most page segments are non-auxiliary except for the AnnotationPageSegment.
      true if this page segment is auxiliary, false if it represents "main" page content.