Interface PropertiesProvider

All Known Subinterfaces:
Document, Item, Page, PageSegment, PageSegmentSource, SerializableDocument
All Known Implementing Classes:
Annotation, ArrowAnnotation, CalloutAnnotation, ChecklistAnnotation, EllipseAnnotation, FilteredDocument, HistoryAnnotation, JWTImageAnnotation, JWTSerializableHistoryAnnotation, LineAnnotation, PathAnnotation, RectangleAnnotation, ShapeBasedAnnotation, StampAnnotation, TextAnnotation, TextHighlightAnnotation

public interface PropertiesProvider
An interface to be implemented by classes providing a map of properties associated with the instances of those classes.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Return a map of user properties.
  • Method Details

    • getProperties

      Map<String,Object> getProperties()
      Return a map of user properties. What to store and which keys to use is largely up to the user of classes implementing this interface, since those classes will generally be oblivious to the map's contents. There are no guarantees regarding the thread-safety of the returned map, unless otherwise specified by implementors.
      the map of user properties