Interface TransportManager

public interface TransportManager
A TransportManager is the core of the transport layer. It manages both: component-client interactions and client-transport methods.
  • Client-component interactions
    ...are interactions from a component with a MessageClient.
  • Client-transport methods
    ...are interactions from a client with a transport Method.
Furthermore various ClientSessionListener can be registered in order to get notified on certain client-transport-events.
  • Method Details

    • addClientSessionListener

      void addClientSessionListener(ClientSessionListener listener)
      Registers a ClientSessionListener on the TransportManager. The listener gets informed on each event.
      listener - The listener to register.
    • removeClientSessionListener

      void removeClientSessionListener(ClientSessionListener listener)
      Removes a previous registered ClientSessionListener from the TransportManager.
      listener - The listener to remove.