Interface ClientSessionListener

public interface ClientSessionListener
A ClientSessionListener offers methods to listen on client sessions events:
  • Method Details

    • sessionStarted

      void sessionStarted(Client client)
      Informs about a new client session that was started.
      client - that a session was started for
    • sessionClosed

      void sessionClosed(Client client)
      Informs that a client session was closed.
      client - the client of which the session was closed
    • sessionTimedOut

      void sessionTimedOut(Client client)
      Informs about a client session that timed out.
      client - the client of which the client session timed out
    • methodChanged

      void methodChanged(Client client, Method oldMethod, Method newMethod)
      Informs about a Method-change of a Client.
      client - the corresponding client
      oldMethod - the old method the client was using
      newMethod - the new method the client is using