Class EnterpriseDemoMain


public class EnterpriseDemoMain extends Object
Serves as substitute for a EntryPoint.

All you need to do to integrate this base project into a gwt project is to create an EntryPoint and within its method EntryPoint.onModuleLoad() create an object of this class and call onLoad().

  • Field Details

    • jadiceViewer

      protected JadiceViewer jadiceViewer
    • autoDetectResolution

      protected boolean autoDetectResolution
  • Constructor Details

    • EnterpriseDemoMain

      public EnterpriseDemoMain()
  • Method Details

    • onLoad

      public void onLoad()
      Called when GWT is loaded
    • createViewer

      protected JadiceViewer createViewer()
      Creates the Viewer. Protected to be able to create an other type of viewer in sub-classes.
      the viewer
    • setHelpFromUrl

      protected void setHelpFromUrl()
      If there is a URL parameter UrlParameterUtils.UrlParameters.HELP, show the help popup.
    • layout

      protected void layout(boolean fullscreen)
    • createNavigation

      protected createNavigation()
      Creates the DocumentList for browsing through other Documents.
      A StackLayoutPanel with the 3 direct children of the root being the 3 different document categories mentioned above
    • createClasspathDocumentPanel

      protected ClassPathDocumentPanel createClasspathDocumentPanel(PageView pageView, JadiceViewer myJadiceViewer)
      Creates the ClassPathDocumentPanel. Protected to allow subclasses to use a different panel.
      the ClassPathDocumentPanel