Class JadiceViewer

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public class JadiceViewer extends Object implements
  • Constructor Details

    • JadiceViewer

      public JadiceViewer(boolean autoDetectResolution)
  • Method Details

    • asWidget

      public asWidget()
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      asWidget in interface
    • createDocumentViewer

      public JadiceDocumentViewer createDocumentViewer(boolean autoDetectResolution, Context context)
    • createContext

      protected Context createContext()
      Initializes and fills the context with the embedded viewer (to perform operations regarding the display of the document) and a reference to the context itself. Furthermore it initializes a mechanism to update the context when the viewer changes its state.

      This method will be called only once at the creation time of this object.

      the new created Context
    • setMediaViewerVisible

      public void setMediaViewerVisible()
    • setDocumentViewVisible

      public void setDocumentViewVisible()
    • isMediaViewerVisible

      public boolean isMediaViewerVisible()
    • isDocumentViewVisible

      public boolean isDocumentViewVisible()
    • getMediaViewer

      public JadiceMediaViewer getMediaViewer()
    • getDocumentViewer

      public JadiceDocumentViewer getDocumentViewer()