Class JadiceButton

All Implemented Interfaces:, HasPreferedPopupPosition
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class JadiceButton extends Object implements, HasPreferedPopupPosition
A superclass for buttons displayed in toolbars or widgets.
  • Field Details

    • action

      protected Action action
    • command

      protected Command command
  • Constructor Details

    • JadiceButton

      public JadiceButton()
  • Method Details

    • init

      protected void init(Action action, PopupExecutor popupExecutor)
    • setAriaRole

      protected void setAriaRole( role)
    • getTabIndex

      protected int getTabIndex()
    • setTabIndex

      protected void setTabIndex(int tabIndex)
    • setDescription

      protected void setDescription(String description)
    • setWidget

      protected void setWidget( widget)
    • asWidget

      public final asWidget()
      Specified by:
      asWidget in interface
    • getCommand

      protected Command getCommand()
    • setContext

      public void setContext(Collection<Object> context)
      Setting arguments manually. Use this when you don't want to use the Context-mechanism
      context - the Arguments for the Command
    • getContext

      protected Collection<Object> getContext()
    • update

      public void update()
    • doUpdate

      protected void doUpdate()
      Call this, when you want to call doUpdate without saving manually the values inside it this will call doUpdate(b, b, b, b)
    • doUpdate

      protected abstract void doUpdate(boolean enabled, boolean selected, boolean hover, boolean pressed)
    • updateFocus

      protected void updateFocus(boolean focus)
    • setVisible

      public void setVisible(boolean visible)
    • setHover

      public void setHover(boolean hover)
    • setFocus

      public void setFocus(boolean focus)
    • setPrefered

      public void setPrefered(PopupExecutor.PreferredPosition position)
      Specified by:
      setPrefered in interface HasPreferedPopupPosition