Class AnnotationPropertyEditor

All Implemented Interfaces:
MenuContributor, Command
Direct Known Subclasses:
HorizontalAlignmentEditor, ToggleEditor, TransparencyEditor, WidgetBasedAnnotationPropertyEditor

public abstract class AnnotationPropertyEditor extends InjectedCommand implements MenuContributor
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationPropertyEditor

      public AnnotationPropertyEditor()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public void init(Collection<? extends ShapeBasedAnnotation> selectedItems, PropertyProfile<?> profile, Page page, RenderControls renderControls, AnnotationTool annoTool, UndoManager undoManager)
    • contribute

      public void contribute(ContributionContext context, MenuBuilder menuBuilder)
      Description copied from interface: MenuContributor
      This method is called in order to give the menu contributor a chance to contribute context menu entries via the supplied MenuBuilder.
      Specified by:
      contribute in interface MenuContributor
      context - the ContributionContext which provides contribution context informations
      menuBuilder - the MenuBuilder to which the tool may contribute entries.
    • execute

      protected void execute()
      Description copied from class: InjectedCommand
      This method is called in order to execute the command. It is only called, after the arguments have been validated and injected and only if InjectedCommand.canExecute() has returned true.
      Specified by:
      execute in class InjectedCommand
    • setIconName

      public void setIconName(String iconName)
    • getIconName

      public String getIconName()
    • getIcon

      protected EffectIcon getIcon()
    • getIcon

      protected EffectIcon getIcon(String iconName)
    • getSelectedItems

      protected Set<ShapeBasedAnnotation> getSelectedItems()
    • getPage

      public Page getPage()
    • getProfile

      public PropertyProfile<?> getProfile()
    • getRenderControls

      protected RenderControls getRenderControls()
    • repaint

      protected void repaint()
      Trigger a repaint of the annotation toolbar
    • getUndoManager

      protected UndoManager getUndoManager()
    • captureMemento

      protected org.jadice.util.base.CompositeMemento captureMemento()
    • applyUndoableEdit

      protected void applyUndoableEdit(String presentation, org.jadice.util.base.Memento edit)
    • captureStateThenEdit

      protected void captureStateThenEdit(org.jadice.util.base.Memento edit)
    • reset

      protected void reset()
    • getAnnoTool

      protected AnnotationTool getAnnoTool()