Class AbstractPageViewCommand

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AbstractMouseCommand, ActivateToolCommand, AutoActivationCommand, CancelAreaSelectionCommand, CreateAnnotationViaApiCommand, DeleteSelectedAnnotationsCommand, EnableToolCommand, FitPageCommand, OpenFileCommand, SelectPageLayoutCommand, StartAreaSelectionCommand, ThumbnailToolCommand

public abstract class AbstractPageViewCommand extends AbstractContextCommand
Abstract superclass for commands which are functional just in conjunction with a PageView instance. All of them can use the same accessor and checking methods.

To work properly there must be at least one PageView instance as Context object.

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractPageViewCommand

      public AbstractPageViewCommand()
  • Method Details

    • canExecute

      protected boolean canExecute()
      Description copied from class: InjectedCommand
      Subclasses may override this method to perform argument validation beyond the validation that happens automatically during the injection phase. This method is called after the context has been found to match the requirements specified via the @ link Argument} annotations and the arguments have been injected.
      canExecute in class InjectedCommand
      true if the command can/may be executed in the current context, false otherwise.
    • getPageView

      public PageView getPageView()
    • setPageView

      public void setPageView(PageView pageView)