Interface MessageContext

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HttpMessageContext, WebSocketContext

    public interface MessageContext
    A MessageContext carries information about the corresponding message, such as the ID of the MessageClient that sent the message, the user Principal, requested URI and and query string.
    • Method Detail

      • getUserPrincipal

        Principal getUserPrincipal()
        Returns the Principal identifying the user sending the message.
        the user Principal
      • getRequestURI

        String getRequestURI()
        Returns the URI requested by the message for this context from the protocol up to the query string.


        • RequestURI:
        the requested URI
      • getQueryString

        String getQueryString()
        Returns the query string contained in the message for this context.


        • QueryString: key=value
        the query string
      • getClientID

        String getClientID()
        Returns the client id of the client which did send the message associated with this message context.
        the client id
      • getHTTPSession

        javax.servlet.http.HttpSession getHTTPSession()
        Returns the HttpSession of the message associated with this message context.
        the HttpSession