Interface RenderSettings

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractListenableRenderSettings, AnnotationRenderSettings, BaseRenderSettings, ImageRenderSettings, PageViewSettings

public interface RenderSettings
A ProcessingSettings type which focus various aspects of rendering.
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    • update

      void update(String propertyName, RenderSettings other, Object... details)
      Updates this instance property specified by given property name with the value provided by the other processing setting. For each update-supported property the render settings type have to provide a unique property name.
      propertyName - the name of the property to update. Update supported properties have unique property identifier provided by the specific render settings implementation.
      other - the processing setting which provide the new property value. Therefore, the other processing setting have to be of the same type as this instance.
      details - (optional) if some describing details are necessary to do a specific update, the details parameter will transport this information
      IllegalArgumentException - if one of the parameters are null
      IllegalArgumentException - if details are null and a property update which requires additional details
      IllegalArgumentException - if the other parameter is not compatible with this render settings type, this means that the other render settings object have to be of the same type or have to be of a subclass type of this render settings type
    • addListener addListener(PropertyChangeListener listener)
    • removeListener

      void removeListener( registration)
    • createSnapshot

      RenderSettings createSnapshot()