Class PageViewSettings

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public class PageViewSettings extends AbstractListenableRenderSettings
An implementation RenderSettings pertaining and particular to the rendering within com.levigo.jadice.web.client.PageView objectss.
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    • PageViewSettings

      public PageViewSettings()
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    • setDefaults

      protected void setDefaults()
      Description copied from class: AbstractListenableRenderSettings
      Initializes additional settings.
      Specified by:
      setDefaults in class AbstractListenableRenderSettings
    • update

      public void update(String propertyName, RenderSettings other, Object... details)
      Description copied from interface: RenderSettings
      Updates this instance property specified by given property name with the value provided by the other processing setting. For each update-supported property the render settings type have to provide a unique property name.
      propertyName - the name of the property to update. Update supported properties have unique property identifier provided by the specific render settings implementation.
      other - the processing setting which provide the new property value. Therefore, the other processing setting have to be of the same type as this instance.
      details - (optional) if some describing details are necessary to do a specific update, the details parameter will transport this information
    • createSnapshot

      public PageViewSettings createSnapshot()
    • getDynamicZoomMode

      public int getDynamicZoomMode()
    • setDynamicZoomMode

      public void setDynamicZoomMode(int dynamicZoomMode)
    • fitWidth

      public void fitWidth()
      Dynamically zoom pages so that they fill the page view horizontally.
      See Also:
    • fitHeight

      public void fitHeight()
      Dynamically zoom pages so that they fill the page view vertically.
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    • fitBoth

      public void fitBoth()
      Dynamically zoom pages so that they fit completely into the page view.
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    • getDocumentOffsetTop

      public Integer getDocumentOffsetTop()
      the top offset of the document. By default 0.
    • setDocumentOffsetTop

      public void setDocumentOffsetTop(Integer documentOffsetTop)
      Set the top offset of the document. By default this offset is 0.
      documentOffsetTop - the top offset of the document
    • getDocumentOffsetBottom

      public Integer getDocumentOffsetBottom()
      the bottom offset of the document. By default 0.
    • setDocumentOffsetBottom

      public void setDocumentOffsetBottom(Integer documentOffsetBottom)
      Set the bottom offset of the document. By default this offset is 0.
      documentOffsetBottom - the bottom offset of the document
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      public int hashCode()
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      public boolean equals(Object obj)
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      public String toString()
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