Class SerializableBookmarkList

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    public class SerializableBookmarkList
    extends Object
    A serializable representation of a BookmarkList intended to be used on the server side. Serves as a container for SerializableBookmarks.

    When executing a ServerOperation all bookmarks are contained in a SerializableBookmarkList. The SerializableBookmarkList can be retrieved from the corresponding document as a document property with a key of "SerializableBookmarkList". Use it in your server operation implementation to e.g. persist bookmarks in a third party system.

    Use it in your DocumentDataProvider to attach persisted bookmarks while loading a document. The bookmarks will be added automatically on the client side.

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        public static final String PROPERTY_KEY_SERIALIZABLE_BOOKMARK_LIST
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      • SerializableBookmarkList

        public SerializableBookmarkList()
        Constructs a new empty list.

        May only be called on the server side in DocumentDataProviders.