Interface Bookmark

public interface Bookmark
Defines a client side bookmark - e.g. a user can add a bookmark on a specific page of a document. The user can navigate easily to bookmarks using the "Next bookmark" or "Previous bookmark" commands.

Bookmarks are stored in a BookmarkList.

A plain bookmark can be created via BookmarkFactory (webtoolkit-client).

A customized bookmark can be created via BookmarkFactory#createBookmark(Document, Page, Point2D, Float, Rotation). The semantics of the last three arguments are determined by the caller. In order to make use of customized bookmarks appropriate customized commands have to be provided. A code example can be found in the showcase section under!BookmarkCustomizingExample.

  • Method Details

    • getDocument

      Document getDocument()
      Returns the document this bookmark is belonging to.
      the Document
    • getPage

      Page getPage()
      Returns the page on which the bookmark has been placed.
      the Page
    • getZoomFactor

      Float getZoomFactor()
      Returns an optional float that was stored with the bookmark.
      a Float that may represent the document or page zoomfactor when set, else null
    • getRotation

      Returns an optional rotation that was stored with the bookmark.
      a rotation that may represent the page rotation when set, else null
    • getPanPoint

      Point2D getPanPoint()
      Returns an optional point that was stored with the bookmark.
      a point that may represent the location of the bookmark within its containing page when set, else null