Class ExportMeta


public class ExportMeta extends Object
Class that holds metadata of some printed output stored in a file. Instances will be registered in a ExportRepository in order to allow clients to download the file.
  • Constructor Details

    • ExportMeta

      public ExportMeta(File file, DownloadPurpose downloadPurpose, int maxDownloadCount)
    • ExportMeta

      public ExportMeta(File file, DownloadPurpose downloadPurpose)
    • ExportMeta

      public ExportMeta( inputStream, String filename, DownloadPurpose downloadPurpose, int maxDownloadCount)
  • Method Details

    • getMimeType

      public String getMimeType()
    • setMimeType

      public void setMimeType(String mimeType)
    • getFile

      public File getFile()
    • getDownloadPurpose

      public DownloadPurpose getDownloadPurpose()
    • getCreatedAt

      public long getCreatedAt()
    • getAccessCount

      public AtomicInteger getAccessCount()
    • getInputStream

      public getInputStream()
    • getDownloadCount

      public int getDownloadCount()
    • incrementDownloadCount

      public void incrementDownloadCount()
    • getMaxDownloadCount

      public int getMaxDownloadCount()
    • getFilename

      public String getFilename()