Interface InvocationContext

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com.levigo.jadice.web.server.internal.AbstractInvocationContext, TileServlet.PlainInvocationContext, TransportInvocationContext

public interface InvocationContext

Represents the current context of the invocation. The InvocationContext interface is meant as the base interface for more specific InvocationContext implementations, which in turn will provide additional information.

An example for a more concrete InvocationContext is the ServletInvocationContext.

Which InvocationContext implementation will be used, depends heavily on the implementation and transport mechanism that the WebtoolkitSeverConnection uses. Refer to your WebtoolkitServerConnection implementation for further details.

NOTE: despite this interface being part of the public API, levigo reserves the right to extend that interface at any time without further notice.
Such changes will not be breaking implementations relying on methods provided by this interface. Implementing this interface is highly discouraged.

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      String getClientId()