Class ExportParameters

All Implemented Interfaces:, ServerOperationParameters<ServerOperationMessage>

public class ExportParameters extends Object implements ServerOperationParameters<ServerOperationMessage>
Configuration object to specify how the stream printing shall be done.
  • Constructor Details

    • ExportParameters

      @Deprecated public ExportParameters()
      Default Constructor - for GWT only.
    • ExportParameters

      public ExportParameters(ExportParameters.Type type)
    • ExportParameters

      public ExportParameters(ExportParameters.Type type, Collection<String> disabledAnnotationTypes)
    • ExportParameters

      public ExportParameters(ExportParameters.Type type, DownloadPurpose purpose, Collection<String> disabledAnnotationTypes)
      type - The document format to be generated (PDF, TIFF, PS).
      purpose - The download purpose of the export. Controls whether to save the export to disk or open it directly in a new browser tab.
      disabledAnnotationTypes - A collection containing the disabled annotation types. All annotations of these types are excluded from printing.
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public ExportParameters.Type getType()
    • getDownloadPurpose

      public DownloadPurpose getDownloadPurpose()
    • getDisabledAnnotationTypes

      public Collection<String> getDisabledAnnotationTypes()
      Returns the class names of disabled annotation types.
      A collection containing all disabled annotation types full qualified class names.