Class JavaScriptAPI

  • public class JavaScriptAPI
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • JavaScriptAPI

        public JavaScriptAPI​(JadiceWidget jadiceWidget)
        Instantiates a new object of the JavaScript native API. This is an interface to realize communication between JWT and a native JavaScript application. To complete the initialization of the JavaScript API, the method viewerReady() must be called to indicate successful initialization.
        jadiceWidget - The JadiceWidget action should be performed on.
    • Method Detail

      • consoleLog

        public static void consoleLog​(Object x)
      • viewerReady

        public void viewerReady()
        This method should be called when the onLoad process of the GWT-Application is completed. Usually it is used in onModuleLoad() of the ApplicationEntryPoint class and after calling the JavaScriptAPI(JadiceWidget) constructor.