Class JadiceWidget

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    public class JadiceWidget
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      static class  JadiceWidget.DocumentLink  
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      static JadiceWidget.DocumentLink[] DOCS
      Some links to some documents from
      protected panel  
      protected HorizontalToolbar statusbar  
      protected toolbarPanel  
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      Context getContext()  
      Document getDocument()  
      PageView getPageView()  
      Viewer getViewer()  
      void onResize()  
      void readDocument​(Source src)  
      protected void registerTools()
      Register the tools and set an activation policy
      protected void setPresentationRules()
      how should the pageview behave? For example, we set a min and max zoom factor here
      protected void shapeStatusbar()  
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      • toolbarPanel

        protected toolbarPanel
      • panel

        protected panel
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      • JadiceWidget

        public JadiceWidget()
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      • getContext

        public Context getContext()
      • registerTools

        protected void registerTools()
        Register the tools and set an activation policy

        For further information about how tools work take a look into the showcase that is shipped with the jadice webtoolkit distribution. (alternatively have a look at!DefaultTools)

      • shapeStatusbar

        protected void shapeStatusbar()
      • setPresentationRules

        protected void setPresentationRules()
        how should the pageview behave? For example, we set a min and max zoom factor here
      • readDocument

        public void readDocument​(Source src)
      • onResize

        public void onResize()
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        onResize in interface
      • getDocument

        public Document getDocument()
      • getPageView

        public PageView getPageView()
      • getViewer

        public Viewer getViewer()