Class ZoomSnapIn

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    public class ZoomSnapIn
    implements SnapIn
    Widget to zoom the PageView.

    This command changes the page view based render settings. If any zooming is performed on document level this might not work well together.

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      static interface  ZoomSnapIn.ZoomSnapInStyle
      Style for the ZoomSnapIn
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      protected void onEnsureDebugId​(String baseID)  
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      • ZoomSnapIn

        public ZoomSnapIn()
        Create a new ZoomSnapIn with UIStyler#get()#zoomSnapInStyle() as the style.
      • ZoomSnapIn

        public ZoomSnapIn​(ZoomSnapIn.ZoomSnapInStyle style,
                          boolean addFitCommands,
                          int... values)
        Create a new ZoomSnapIn with the given style and the given zoom values. If no values are given the default values are used. Additionally it can be configured whether the fit commands should be included.
        style - the ZoomSnapIn.ZoomSnapInStyle
        addFitCommands - whether the fit command should be contained or not. By default they are contained
        values - the zoom values which should be used
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        protected void onEnsureDebugId​(String baseID)
        onEnsureDebugId in class