Class ScrollbarVisibility

  • public class ScrollbarVisibility
    extends Object
    Defines the desired ScrollBar visibility. This class holds 2 Style.Overflow-fields for horizontal and vertical scrolling of a ScrollBar. These values can be applied to the Style of a widget.

    Default value (empty constructor) uses Style.Overflow.AUTO for both scroll bars.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ScrollbarVisibility

        public ScrollbarVisibility()
        Creates a default ScrollbarVisibility which uses Style.Overflow.AUTO for horizontal and vertical scrollbar.
      • ScrollbarVisibility

        public ScrollbarVisibility​( horizontalAndVerticalOverflowMode)
        Convenience constructor which calls ScrollbarVisibility(Overflow, Overflow) with the given overflow mode. The given mode is used as horizontal and vertical overflow mode.
        horizontalAndVerticalOverflowMode - the Style.Overflow for the horizontal and vertical scrollbar.
      • ScrollbarVisibility

        public ScrollbarVisibility​( horizontalOverflowMode,
        Creates a new ScrollbarVisibility using the given Style.Overflow-values for horizontal and vertical overflow mode.
        horizontalOverflowMode - the horizontal (x-) scrollbar behavior
        verticalOverflowMode - the vertical (y-) scrollbar behavior
    • Method Detail

      • getVerticalOverflow

        public getVerticalOverflow()
      • setVerticalOverflow

        public void setVerticalOverflow​( verticalOverflow)
      • getHorizontalOverflow

        public getHorizontalOverflow()
      • setHorizontalOverflow

        public void setHorizontalOverflow​( horizontalOverflow)