Class Tool.ActivationRequest

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public static class Tool.ActivationRequest extends Object
This class describes an auto-activation request issued by a tool in response to an event. Using auto-activation requests, tools signal their readiness to be activated and perform some meaningful task. The task they intend to perform is detailed using the activity parameter. The latter may be resolved using a resource bundle and presented - for instance - in a status bar in order to provide feedback to the user. Further feedback may be provided by
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      public static final int DEFAULT_ACTIVATION_PRIORITY
      This priority indicates that the Tool's dispatch priority should be used to prioritize the activation request.
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      public static final int OVER_HANDLE_PRIORITY
      The priority to be used to indicate that some action with a handle could be performed upon activation.
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      public static final int OVER_SELECTION_PRIORITY
      The priority to be used to indicate that some action related to some kind of selection could be performed upon activation.
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    • ActivationRequest

      public ActivationRequest(String activity)
    • ActivationRequest

      public ActivationRequest(String activity, cursor)
    • ActivationRequest

      public ActivationRequest(String activity, String cursor)
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