Class RenderParameters


public class RenderParameters extends BasicRenderParameters
This is a parameter object class used for calls to Tool.render(RenderParameters,boolean). By using a parameter object instead of immediate method parameters, we can keep the API stable while allowing future extensibility.
  • Constructor Details

    • RenderParameters

      public RenderParameters(PageView viewComponent, Page page, int pageIndex, Rectangle renderedPageBounds, g, RenderControls renderControls)
      viewComponent - the view component which is currently being rendered
      page - the current page
      pageIndex - the index of the page currently being rendered
      renderedPageBounds - the bounds (without the page offset) of the page currently being rendered in device units
      g - the JadiceGraphics context onto which to render
      renderControls - render controls used to render the page
  • Method Details

    • getViewComponent

      public PageView getViewComponent()
      Get the view component triggering the render cycle.
      the viewComponent