Class Handle

    • Constructor Detail

      • Handle

        public Handle()
      • Handle

        public Handle​(Point2D point)
      • Handle

        public Handle​(Point2D point,
                      String text)
        Use Handle(Point 2D point, String cursor, String text) instead. To easily convert, just add .getCssname() to this method's cursor parameter.
    • Method Detail

      • setPoint

        public void setPoint​(Point2D point)
      • getPoint

        public Point2D getPoint()
      • getText

        public String getText()
      • createGesture

        protected Gesture createGesture​(PointedEditEvent e)
        Overwrite this to use default Gesture mechanism defined in onMousePressed
        e - A mouse event.
      • isSelectionPoint

        public boolean isSelectionPoint​(Point2D mousePointDocp,
                                        int tolleranceDocp)
      • getHandleColor

        protected Color getHandleColor()
      • getHandleBorderColor

        protected Color getHandleBorderColor()
      • getBorderSizeInPercent

        protected double getBorderSizeInPercent()
        Return the percent value which determines the border width depending on the handle radius. Default is 25, which means the border width will be 25% of the handle radius.
        the percent value
      • render

        public void render​( graphics)
      • render

        protected void render​( graphics,
                              Point2D position,
                              Color handleColor)