Interface ThumbnailView

All Superinterfaces:, MenuContributor, ViewComponent

public interface ThumbnailView extends ViewComponent
A PageView-like ViewComponent showing Thumbnails for an associated PageView.
  • Field Details


      static final LabelProvider DEFAULT_LABEL_PROVIDER
      The default label provider creates simple labels for pages. It uses just the page number as label.

      If an application set another label provider and wants to reset the original behavior, this field can be used to reset to the default provider via setLabelProvider(LabelProvider)

  • Method Details

    • getPageView

      PageView getPageView()
      the PageView this thumbnail view is associated with
    • isSelected

      boolean isSelected(int pageIndex)
      pageIndex - The index of the page to check.
      True when the page is currently selected.
    • setSelection

      void setSelection(int pageIndex, boolean isSelected)
      Sets a Selection of a Page or removes it.
      pageIndex - The index of the page to check.
      isSelected - True when the page has to be selected, false else.
    • clearSelection

      void clearSelection()
      Clears the selection.
    • getSelectedPages

      List<Page> getSelectedPages()
      List of all Selected pages
    • setPageMoveMode

      void setPageMoveMode(boolean pageMoveMode)
      Forces the Thumbnails to move away from the MoveToIndex.
      pageMoveMode - true=on
    • isPageMoveMode

      boolean isPageMoveMode()
      the mode
    • getMoveToIndex

      int getMoveToIndex()
      the index of the Page the new Pages should be added/moved
    • setDefaultThumbnailSize

      void setDefaultThumbnailSize(Dimension thumbnailSize)
      Sets the default thumbnail size.
      thumbnailSize - The size of the thumbnails.
    • update

      void update()
      Updates the thumbnail view. Any cached content is reused, filters are re-applied.
    • setLabelProvider

      void setLabelProvider(LabelProvider labelProvider)
      Sets the LabelProvider which is responsible for creating labels for each page in the ThumbnailView.
      labelProvider - the label provider to use
      See Also:
    • getThumbnailPageView

      PageView getThumbnailPageView()
      the thumbnail PageView contained by this thumbnail view