Interface NotificationEventBus

  • public interface NotificationEventBus
    This event bus is used to propagate notification events regarding errors and information messages. These messages can received by listening to this event bus and displayed to the user in a notification window and the like.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      <H> addHandler​(<H> type, H handler)  
      <H> addHandlerToSource​(<H> type, Object source, H handler)  
      void fireEvent​(<?> event)  
      void fireEventFromSource​(<?> event, Object source)  
    • Method Detail

      • fireEventFromSource

        void fireEventFromSource​(<?> event,
                                 Object source)
      • fireEvent

        void fireEvent​(<?> event)
      • addHandlerToSource

        <H> addHandlerToSource​(<H> type,
                                                                                       Object source,
                                                                                       H handler)
      • addHandler

        <H> addHandler​(<H> type,
                                                                               H handler)