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  • Enterprise Demo

    Are you looking for a demonstration that shows how the user interface of a rich client appears in a browser? The user interface and functionality of the Enterprise Demo are based on the tried and tested Viewer of the jadice® document platform, thereby minimising the burden of departmental reeducation.

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Basic Viewer Demo

Are you looking for a simple integration template, especially one that guides you through the first stages of development? The Basic Viewer is the best starting point, showing how a parent application can call individual, exposed jadice® web toolkit functions via JavaScript.

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Touch Demo

The perfect basis for a modern, mobile web application. The Touch Demo supports one- and two-finger gestures in an app-oriented interface.

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Are you looking for example code for a particular feature? You'll find isolated demos of individual functions in the Showcase. The source code is only a click away, and can be imported into your development environment via copy and paste.

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Getting Started

Are you looking for an easy and practical introduction on working with the jadice® web toolkit? The getting started pages guide you through the process of setting up the first jadice web toolkit project, step by step, introducing concepts and features.

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Are you looking for guidance on how to integrate jadice® web toolkit into your own application? You'll find the appropriate details as well as an overview of the architecture and functionality in the Documentation.

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Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base you'll find best practices and answers to frequently asked questions. Its wiki-based structure allows you to make annotations in the form of comments and post follow-up enquiries.

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